The Orders Screen


This screen will give you a full history of any Order placed on i-curate with a key summary on each line, including unique Order No, Supplier, Order Created Date, Delivery Date, Items Ordered, Total Spend and Order Status. You’ll also see here the Order Type, which will either be Single or Recurring.

Customer - orders screen

The blue icon on the left lets you download the Delivery Note.

While the ‘View’ button lets you look at any Order.

Searching Orders

There are different ways to find the order you’re looking for.

Customer - orders screen

Narrow down the search by ticking one of the ‘In Progress’, ‘Old’, ‘Completed’ or ‘Cancelled’ boxes. Also click ‘All’ and scroll.

Start to type in the order or product name and the list will automatically update.

To start the search again, simply hit the  x icon on the right.

Search within defined date ranges as well.

Click/tap the blue View button for the Order detail.

Viewing Order details

On the Orders screen, once you’ve clicked/tapped on the ‘View’ button for the order you
want, you’ll be taken through to the individual Order Details screen. Here you will find the full details of that particular order. These are stored permanently and available to view at any time. You can also download a Delivery Note (if already delivered) and invoice for printing or storing on your own systems. Please see the Delivery Note and Invoice sections of this guide.

Customer - view order details

The Order No is the unique code created by us that you should quote if there are any queries. There’s also the Order Reference, created by you along with the total Order Value and the date the order was created.

This is the Supplier and the Delivery Date, Order status and Order Type (this will be either a Single or Recurring Order, as created by you).

The items are listed line by line, with the Product Code and Description, item Price and Quantity ordered, giving you the Line Price.

Lastly there is a status that tells you if a product was delivered, cancelled, had a credit note raised etc.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen you have a time-stamped history of the Order. This tells you when someone has created, edited or amended anything. If idc Customer Services made any adjustments, you always have a view of every stage of the Order.

Delivery note

Once a delivery has been fulfilled, our supply partner will confirm to us and we will upload the Delivery Note to the Order Details. This is available for you to download as a PDF for your records, so you can see the details of what was delivered and when.

Please note: As with our standard terms, ALL queries must be raised within 48 hours
of delivery.

Customer - view order complete

Click on the green  ‘Download Delivery Note’ button to get a PDF copy of the delivery note.

Once your Order has been delivered and any queries resolved, we automatically raise an invoice to the system.

This will also be available to download from the main Orders screen.

The Invoice

The invoice will relate directly to the order and utilises the same data to avoid any confusion.
On the invoice, you’ll see the Delivery Data, Delivery Site, Order No and Delivery Note
No. Each Line Item from the order is then listed with a full breakdown. You’ll see the
Invoice Totals at the bottom of the invoice.

Re-order items

For convenience, you can go into any order that you’ve placed and re-order these items.
Simply find the order that you want from the Orders screen, click/tap the blue ‘View’ button. You’ll now be on the Order Details screen.

Once you’ve clicked ‘Re-order items‘, this will create a fresh order that includes the same
items and quantities as before. You can add to these items, edit the order, or go ahead and
place it as it is. If you choose to save it for a later date, then as before, the order will sit on
your Home screen awaiting completion.

Customer - view order complete

Click/tap the blue ‘Re-order Items’ button.

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At a glance

Search by product or supplier name:

Orders > Search box > type key word > select order from list

Search by Order status:

Orders > select in progress / Old / Completed > select Order from list

Clear a search

Orders > search box > click / tap to clear x button

View Order Details

Orders > select order > View

View Delivery Note

Orders > select order > View > Download Delivery Note

View Invoice

Orders > select order > View > Download Invoice


Orders > Select Order > View > Re-Order Items > Place Order > Confirm Single Order


Searching Orders

Viewing Orders


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