The Invoices Screen


This screen will give you a full history of the invoices and orders raised by the i-curate system to Customers. You will be able see a key summary including the Invoice No, Created Date, the Order Delivery Date, Order No and the Total Due.

From this screen, you will also be able to view the original order, as well as view and download PDF copies of invoices at any time for your own records.

Viewing Invoices and Orders

All invoices are attached to the original orders and listed chronologically by the date they were created – usually at least 48 hours after the Delivery Date in case of any Customer queries.

To download a summary of this page, click ‘Summary’ and it will download a spreadsheet of invoices shown below.

To view an individual invoice, find the original order on the Invoices screen. You can then click the teal invoice icon on the right hand side of each invoice line. Alternatively, click the grey eye icon to view the detail of the order. Once you’ve done this, at the top of the order, you can then click the blue ‘View Invoice(s)’ button.

To download multiple invoices into one PDF, tick the boxes in the column on the right and then go ‘Download’ at the top.

Click the teal icon to view the invoice or the grey icon to view the order details.

Clicking Summary will download a summary of the below invoices.


Clicking Download will download all the invoices checked in the right column into one PDF.


Self-billing Invoices

All orders will generate a self-billed invoice, which will ensure swift and correct payment to your account.

Each invoice carries a comprehensive summary of each item, a unique reference code, Customer delivery date and Site, as well as totals with any VAT added. Invoices are issued at least 48 hours after delivery in case of any Customer queries.

I-curate self billing invoice

Credit Notes

Credit notes operate in the same way as invoices and are processed by our idc Customer Support Team. They will automatically appear on your account and you can search them in the same way as you do with invoices and orders.

Searching Invoices

You can scroll through the list of invoices or search by Customer, Delivery or date range. You can also get a list of credit notes raised.

Search by invoice type: Click the ‘Invoice’ or ‘Credit Note’ box for a summary of each type processed by idc.

Site Search: Type the Site name into the search box and the list will automatically appear. You can then download the invoice or view the order details.

Date Range search: If you want to look for invoices that were raised during a particular time period, simply type in the two sets of dates you want.

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View invoices

Home > Invoices > Download Invoices (Teale Icon)

Home > Invoices > View Order (Grey Icon) > View Invoice(s)

Search invoices

Home > Invoices > Search Site Box > Type Site Name > Download Invoice (Teale Icon) / View Order (Grey Icon)

Home > Invoices > Select Date Range > Download Invoice (Teale Icon) / View Order (Grey Icon)

Home > Invoices > Check Invoice Box / Check Credit Note Box > Download Invoice (Teale Icon) / View Order (Grey Icon)


Invoices Screen
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