The Administration Screen


This section gives you a summary of your idc Price list, Customers, Sites and Users. To use, just click the Administration menu and from the drop-down menu, select the screen you want.

Price List

To reduce your administration and simplify your accounting, i-curate only shows the price that you will be paid as the supply partner. There are no admin fees, rebates or sell prices to administrate.

You can export an Excel file of all your prices listed with us for use on your internal systems. You’ll see when the Price List was last updated and your unique reference details. Simply hit the ‘Export’ button on the right hand side of the screen.

I-curate prices

Click the green Export button to download the list


Here, you have a list of all your Customers in one place. For each Customer you can see their individual delivery Sites by clicking on the grey button or view their Head Office details by clicking on the blue button.

I-curate customer list


If it’s only the delivery Sites you need, hit the Administration menu and select Sites. You can now get a summary of all the Customer Sites and if you click through on the blue ‘Details’ button, you can get a breakdown of the total products that have been delivered there.

I-curate sites


This gives you an overview of all the team members you have working on your idc account. You can add a new team member by clicking on the green ‘Create’ button and edit a team member’s details by clicking on the blue ‘Edit’ button.

You can also import lists of team members using the grey ‘Import’ button and export a full list of your team by clicking the teal ‘Export’ button.

I-curate users

You can import lists of team members using the grey ‘Import’ button and export a full list of your team by clicking the teal ‘Export’ button.

Add a team member by clicking on the green ‘Create’ button. Edit details by clicking on the blue button.

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At a glance

Price List

Administration > Prices > Export


Administration > Customers > Sites > Details


Administration > Sites > Details


Create a New Team Member: Administration > Users > Create

Edit Team Member Details: Administration > Users > Edit

Import New Users: Administration > Users > Import

Export Team Member List: Administration > Users > Export


Admin Screen
I-curate supply partner
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