How to Place an Order


This is for placing an orders received directly from your customers. On each screenshot, where you see the blue circled !, hover over for additional information.

Placing an Order

To start an order for a customer go to ‘Place Order’ at the top. This will take you to the customer side where you can place orders on behalf of your customers who contact you directly.

You will have a drop-down menu where you can select or change the Site that you want to place an order for. Simply choose the Site from the drop-down menu. And then click the green ‘Create Order’ button. This will take you through to the Supplier Order screen.

To change Site, pick from drop-down menu.

Supplier Order screen

This is where you can start ordering items for the customer. You’ll find the inventory for the selected customers available products they can purchase from you. Including an item description and the units for each product.

You can adjust quantities either by using the +/- buttons, or by typing in the value in the box inbetween.

You can add notes for each product by clicking on the Message Box icon.

Simply click the + button and it will appear in the Supplier Order summary.

Confirming Order

Once completed, click the ‘Place Order’ button. This will take you to the screen where you confirm the order details.

You’ll be able to add a Puchase Order Reference at the customers request. Below that you can add specific instructions to the order and select the delivery date.

Once done, click the blue ‘Confirm Single Order’ button.

Here you can see the order details as well as select a delivery date from the drop-down list.


Once done, click the ‘Confirm Single Order’ button.

This will now take you back to the orders screen where it will show the order just completed. Where you can know go in and accept the order.

The orders screen, displaying the order just created.

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Place an Order

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