Multi-site Users


Some of our customers manage several Sites from a single central location. i-curate is set up to manage this, giving you all the control and oversight so you can see exactly what’s happening when and where.

Getting Started

One of our team should have made direct contact with you to get you set up but if not, either drop a note to your representative or contact Customer Services for your login details by calling 0333 015 1332 and follow our Easy to Use Guide.

Getting Around

For Multi-Site users, the only key difference is that you have an extra drop-down Site Menu on the Home screen that allows you to choose between the Sites you want to order for.

Simply choose the Site from the drop-down menu.

All other elements of i-curate will work in exactly the same way as for single Site users.

Multi Sites

Home: This is your main dashboard that lets you make a new order, as well as show unfinished orders and a summary of recent orders.

As a Multi-Site Manager, you will likely have different order types for each Site depending on differing elements, such as Recurring Orders.


Orders: This is a list of every order you make through i-curate, whether in progress or fulfilled.

This will again be different for each Site.

Invoices: This will show a full list of every invoice for each Site you manage.

Account: Here you can see your account details and change your password.

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