How to Process an Order


This will be the most important part of using i-curate so this part of the guide goes into real detail. On each screenshot, where you see the blue circled !, hover over for additional information.

Process an Order

Orders will automatically arrive from your Customers and be listed in date order on the Home screen, with their Status shown next to them. If the Status is showing as ‘New’, this means they are yet to be processed. To process them, click the blue ‘View’ button on the right of each order line.

All orders will generate a self-billed invoice, which will ensure swift and correct payment to your account.

To process an order, click the blue ‘View’ button on the right of each order line.

Order details

Once you’ve clicked into an order, you’ll now have a summary of the new order with details of the Customer, the delivery Site and all the essential reference details. Each line item on the order will be listed separately with the Item Code, Description, Item Weight or Quantity and Value.

You can add your reference in the Supplier Invoice Reference box and then click ‘Update’ and the value is saved.

If you need to make any adjustments, just click on the blue ‘Amend Order’ button.

Can change the delivery date by clicking ‘Update’ here.

Can download a pick list   here.


Add your invoice reference here.


Amend an Order

If for any reason you need to amend an order, either by quantity or offering replacement products, it’s simple to do. Just click the blue ‘Amend Order’ button at the top of the order, which will take you through to a new screen.

You’ll now find yourself on a new Orders screen where you can adjust the quantity or weight of items or Substitute a product.Click the blue ‘Adjust Quantity’ button on the line item and then click the +/- button to change it to the quantity you can supply.

Click + / – to Adjust Quantity button on each line item

Click the green ‘Apply Edits’ button when done.

When you’ve made your changes, click the green ‘Apply Edits’ button in the top right of the screen.

Please note: for weighted items, we have applied a 10% variance – both smaller and larger – to allow for variation in product.

Once you’ve applied your edits, you will see a line striking through the original item and the new quantity listed directly underneath. If circumstances change, you can easily take it back to the original item by clicking the ‘Remove Adjustment’ button on the line item.

If circumstances change, you can easily take it back to the original item by clicking the ‘Remove Adjustment’ button on the line item.


Substitute a Product

On the Amend Order screen, there is also the option to subtitute items.

If you need to substitute a product, on the line item just click the ‘Substitute’ button.

A new screen will appear with all the products you have available so you can select a substitute.

Once you’ve chosen a new product, simply click the green ‘Add Item’ button and a new line will appear on the order underneath the original item, which again will have a strikethrough line.

Click ‘Add Item’ and a new line appears on the order underneath the original item.

This now has a strikethrough.

If there is any difference in pricing, the overall order total will automatically be adjusted. You can change this back by hitting the grey ‘Remove Adjustment’ button.

When you’ve made your changes, click the green ‘Apply Edits’ button in the top right of the screen.

Click Apply Edits to make all your changes.

You can change this back by hitting the grey ‘Remove Adjustment’ button.

Accept an Order

Once you have finished processing the changes and have clicked the green ‘Apply Edits’ button, you’ll see a confirmation message at the top of the screen saying ‘Applied Order Edits’. There will also be a time-stamped History of all changes at the bottom of the order, so both you and the Customer can see exactly what’s happened.

You can now click the green ‘Accept Order’ button and be taken through to the next screen, where you’ll see a green ‘Order accepted’ notice at the top.

Click ‘Accept Order’ button to confirm.

Now you’re ready to send the order through for delivery. Just click the green ‘Generate Delivery Note’ button on the top right hand side of the screen.

Orders cannot be amended once delivery note is created.

Click ‘Generate Delivery Note’ to send the order to the customer.



A delivery note is automatically generated for each order on the day of delivery. This is emailed to the Customer and you can print off a version for your driver to take with them.

Once the order has been delivered, you can press the green ‘Confirm Order Delivered’ button on the top right of the screen. This closes off the order and will automatically raise an invoice after 48 hours  – which is the time limit for a Customer querying a delivery. The order will automatically be marked as ‘Complete’ by the end of the day.

Click the ‘Confirm Order Delivered’ button once the client has their delivery.

Searching Orders

You can search by either Order No, description, date or value, by delivery Sites, or by their status of Overdue, New and Completed. This gives you control in knowing what is outstanding as well as what has been completed.

Site Search: Here you can see every order that is due or delivered to a Customer Site.

Type the Site name into the search box and the list will automatically appear.

Click the blue ‘View’ button for full details.

Search by Order: Click one of the boxes marked Overdue, New, Completed or Cancelled to get a top-down view of all your orders.  This will show all orders of a particular status from all Customers. 


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At a glance

Order Details

Home > Orders > View

Amend an Order

Home > Orders > View > Amend Order

Adjust Quantity

Home > Orders Screen > View > Amend Order > Adjust Quantity > enter new quantity > Apply Edits

Substitute a Product

Home > Orders > View > Amend Order > Substitute > select item > Add Item > Apply Edits

Accept Order

Home > Orders > View > Accept Order


Home > Orders Screen > View > Accept Order > Pick & Pack > Confirm Order Delivered

Home > Search box > type Order No / Order description / Order date / Order value > view Order

Home > Orders Screen > Search Site Box > type Site name > View

Home > Orders > click Overdue / Completed / New box > View


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