Getting Around


i-curate is designed to be simple to use and navigate around. From the top menu you can always access the main screens you’ll need, as well as check your settings.


This is your main dashboard, where you will see all new orders and the status of existing orders. You can also click through to any live orders and invoices/credit notes.

I-curate home screen


This is a list of every order received through i-curate, whether it’s still in progress or already fulfilled. The orders are in chronological date order and list our unique Order No, Site, delivery date and order Status. This screen can also be accessed by the blue ‘View Orders’ button on the Home screen.


This shows a full list of every invoice and credit note raised on your Customer accounts. It can also be accessed by the blue ‘View Invoices/Credit Notes’ button on the Home screen.


From here you can download your idc Price list, view your Customer list, the Customer Sites that you already deliver to and User information.

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Getting Around
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